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Who needs Bill Of Lading Form: What You Should Know

BL is generally created between the shipper of goods (called the shipper) and the transportation company (transportation company). Why Is Bill Of Lading Important? A BL is a great way for shippers to get accurate information on the exact location of your shipment.Ā  BL: What's The Value? A bill of lading is similar to a customs declaration form, only this document requires a signature that is required for shipment to be legal. BL: Meaning, Types, Example, and Purpose BL: Definition A bill of lading is a legal document signed by the shipowner or the representative of the shipper and signed by a transportation company. This is why you're required to get a legal signature from the recipient of your shipment to prove the recipient is aware of the contents of the shipment. A bill of lading document provides information about the shipment including the type of goods and the place of origin, address, and the address of the shipper (shipowner), the freight carrier and any shipping company that has already sent the container. For more information, check out the following articles and videos: BL: Why is Bill of Lading Important? The BL document provides shipping information for a shipper. For example, if the shipper ships a package from an address in California to an address in California, the shipper would need to include all pertinent information concerning the package in the BL. For example, if the shipper wishes to make sure that the shipment has proof of insurance, the shipper should make sure to get a BL to contain the proof of insurance and its contents. It also can reveal any specific shipment information. BL: Importance and Purpose The BL is required for each shipment to be legal by the shippers. This is so that the shipper can prove each shipment is safe for transport by the shipment company. The BL is also a useful way to make sure the shipment is being shipped to the correct address, meaning that the shipper knows it will be delivered at the destination. If the shipper does not include information in the BL, the shipper could be held responsible for not delivering the shipment.Ā  BL: What Is In A Bill Of Lading? Why Is a Bill Of Lading Important? An important portion of a BL is information the shipper is required to provide to the shipping company before being considered for dispatch.

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FAQ - Who needs Bill Of Lading

Do truck drivers needs to keep bills of lading? My wife was hit by one and thecompany is refusing to produce the bill of lading.
Yes and no. The bills of lading are required for 3 reasons1 It details what you are carrying how much it weighs as well as itu2019s originand destination and if it is Hazmat material. This is important because ifstopped by the state police or local authorities you are required to producethis information or face disciplinary actions2 You need this information to give to the customer that you are deliveringit too. You will be refused if you donu2019t have it.3 You need the bill of lading to get paid. After you have delivered yourloads for the day or the week in most cases you scan them and fax them toyour company to get credit paid for delivering the load.When I use to drive Iu2019d be out all week and I would fax the paperwork eachnight after I made all of my pick ups and deliveries for the day and then Iwould keep the paperwork in a file for a few weeks to make sure I got paid andthat there were no issues with the delivery.He should have been able to produce the paperwork. Your wife shouldu2019ve calledthe state police during the accident in order to get the necessaryinformation. She may still want to contact them to see if they can offer anyassistance in the matter.
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