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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to fill Bill of Lading

Instructions and Help about how to fill Bill of Lading

Alright let's talk about a fill out the Nevada state title when you are the seller just remember that a title is a legal document so don't erase anything don't white anything out don't cross scratch anything out make sure you're right really neat way to have good handwriting only use black or blue ink use your actual name so don't use nicknames it's got to be you know the name that's on your license or your state ID don't make mistakes because any errors that you make can void the document alright so step one is to complete the odometer reading it's on the front of the title include the mileage exactly how it appears on your odometer after the words the domitor now reads if the odometer does not reflect the actual miles on the car and check the box that says odometer reading is not actual mileage if though down reading is the actual miles then don't check off any box there the next you're gonna have to sign directly below the odometer reading section where it says signature of sellers agent or dealership then you're gonna print your name when you print your name here make sure that your name is exactly as it appears at the top of the title in the owner's name and address section make sure that you don't use short names or nicknames make sure that you note also that if there's an or and Oro two registered owner's names then that is the only time when only one of the owners is needed to sell the car if there's anything else or nothing in between the two registered owner's names then every single time your need to have both of the registered owners sign the title in order to sell the car the last thing to look out for too on this section for the signature and the printed name is that when there's two owners you have to squeeze both of the signatures on the same line and you also have to squeeze in both are the printed names on the next line so that leaves you to one last thing and that's just directly below that part you just did there's a line that says date of sale and you're gonna need to put in the date that you're selling the car all right that's how you fill out that nevada state title when you are the seller Music you.