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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing types of bill of lading in shipping pdf

Instructions and Help about types of bill of lading in shipping pdf

Music Applause Music other friends our next topic is some of the few important documents which are related to the caja work let's discuss two of these effective documents and I'm not going to discuss all the documents will be just discussing those documents which are important with respect to second renewals okay so the first and foremost is mates listen now mates except as we have discussed before in the previous slide also mates this epistle recept which comes on wood before the ship arrives at the port of loading okay it gives you a pre advise of what to expect what type of cargo is going to be loaded on board and accordingly cargo plan your storage palace prepare accordingly as per the mate system okay the main function of the mates acceptors what it stands as a evidence of the regarding the condition of the cargo that is loaded on wood so during loading what happens is the mate or the officer in charge of the cargo work sex the condition of the cargo which has to be in accordance with the mates listen as the quality of the cargo the number of packages which are mentioned under the main system have to be in accordance to the car which is presented to you following okay if there is any defects or if the power is not in line with the cargo which is mentioned under the Mesa SEP then you can either reject the cargo or in case you're loading such type of cargo a remark has to be added that the cargo which we have received okay is influence of condition because the mate recep has to reflect the actual condition of the cargo which is loaded this is the primary purpose of the mixer it has to reflect the actual condition of the cargo which is loaded on wood okay so that is the main purpose of the major sir and because these remarks what you write down under the main system will be reflected in your bill of lading so why is this lemak part so important because what what happens is your mates accept what is given to you okay to the chief officer the chief officer gives it back to the Shippo in order to acknowledge it the ship ship the shipper acknowledges the makes the sir okay and agrees to the kind of addition of the car which is loaded on wood hence the remarks are so important that okay the kind of the car goes which is loaded is in so-and-so condition once the loading is done this makes the reset is again exchange further in a shade of Bill of Lading and Bill of Lading has the remarks will have these remarks which I mentioned in the made system so these remarks will be reflected on the Bill of Lading so biases why is these remarks important because build upgrading what happens the bit of reading is.