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What is the Land Acquisition Bill all about? Is it as bad for the nation asits critics claim?
Right I can simplify it for you. In India 6 out of 10 people depend on Agriculture and live on menial and lowpaying jobs in agriculture. And contribution of Agriculture to India’s GDP isjust 17. Do you see the structurally distorted ratios i.e. if there are 100people earning a total of Rs 100 among them 60 people are earning only Rs. 17while rest 40 people are earning Rs 83. Indian agriculture is heavily dependent on monsoons and one monsoon failureand result would be suicide of farmers in large scale. In order to avoid thatwe need to reduce the dependency of people on agriculture and monsoon too.Reducing dependency on monsoon is a bit difficult Question is how do we do that By creating more and more high paying jobs for that we would need industriesirrigation facilities storage facilities and rural infrastructure. Forindustries and all of it we need land. So land is the crucial resource here. The land in India is divided into Numbers are approximate but nearer to original 1. Agricultural land which is over 60 2. Deserts and totally unusable land is 4 3. Forest covers about 23 4. Remaining land is where we are settled i.e. our cities houses offices etc. Obviously Forest cover can’t be touched. And the 4 is of no use. So for industries to grow some of the agricultural land has to be used. Here comes the requirement of a policy called Land acquisition policy thatwould help Govt to take the land and rehabilitate the farmers who are losingout on land about which the current ruckus in India is all about. While the subject matter “Land” falls under Concurrent list that is Statesand Union have equal right to make laws on it if there is a conflict the lawmade by Union prevails. The previous UPA Govt made a law that overrides thelaws made by states. And the law they made required consent of 80 of thepeople to acquire land plus a detailed social impact assessment has to becarried out along with plethora of requirements which made it difficult forthe Govt to acquire land. It has been calculated that by following all the procedures it requires 45years to acquire a tract of land sufficient enough to construct an Industrialcorridor. Since the time law was made not a single piece of land could beacquired and projects worth 300 billion USD are in pending list retarding thegrowth of the country. In order to solve this problem NDA Govt introduced some amendments to theLand acquisition policy where it wants to do away with clause of 80 consentand Social impact studies for sectors like Defense equipment industriesaffordable housing rural infrastructure and industrial corridors making surethat the amount of settlement or compensation is same as previous policydecided i.e. 4 times the market price in rural areas and twice the marketprice in urban areas along with providing them opportunity for alternate landor a job with education for their children and other social facilities likeHospitals and educational institutions. Some are butt hurt with this policy and are creating ruckus by walking outfrom Parliamentary discussion without deliberating on the bill and ganging upon the Govt to make sure this law is not passed. Why are they doing this if the law is progressive and going to be helpful onthe long run Apply the simple law of economics here. Though land is available it can’t beused that creates artificial scarcity which in turn means demand for landbecomes extremely high as days pass which will sky rocket the prices. If theprices rise the land owners will get benefitted. Who are the landowners here Majority of them are the Landlords Politicians middlemen or welltodofamilies with a minority of them being farmers who hold small pieces of landwhich will also be grabbed forcefully in important areas slowly till the timeissue gets resolved. The claim is very much obvious from the fact that the land reforms tenancyreforms cieling limits have been big failure in India Now do you understand the reason for the ever soaring prices of Land in India A French friend of mine says for money equivalent to Rs 2 Cr he could geta posh house or a villa in Paris outskirts while it is the same in Bangaloretoo. Also if input Land costs are high would setting up of industries befeasible Why would an industrialist set up a plant in India if land isavailable for him at a cheaper price and easily in China or elsewhere How could China build a manufacturing industry in such a quick time while wewere at par with them or better in 1970s Now do you understand the logical connection between all the oppositionparties ganging up on Govt Some of you might think that giving up on fertile land will impact foodproduction. No it doesn’t it is Luddite thinking. With lesser land in agriculture will lead to more investment in agriculturewith calling for mechanized farming and adopting better technologies toproduce to meet the needs. All this while we had an archaic draconian law of1895 until 2022. Did it affect our Food security No. Case in point America Germany Japan where people depending on agricultureand land under agricultural use is way less than ours yet they are not onlyself sufficient but also export to other countries. It is simply like saying I want railways metros hospitals etc but heysorry I can’t give you my land even if you give me 4 times the price of it. While the clauses of Govt authorities not being accountable for discrepanciesand period of over 5 year holding are definitely wrong they could be resolvedonly by deliberating on the bill and not by walking out of sessions. You might find merit in those painting negative about this bill and doinganshan. To clarify that inherent mistake that they are doing is they areconsidering all the landowners to be farmers. While it is not the groundreality. For example a friend of mine owns 450 acre land under 25 benami partsemploys 120 people. He is protesting the bill because that will give himbargaining chips to negotiate with private parties for a higher price if thathappens who will rehabilitate 120 peasants who are dependent on the land The need of the hour is it should be made easy for Govt and private companiesto acquire land at the same time rehabilitate real farmers who would losetheir jobs. Govt should be mindful of sensitivities of the people.
What are the problems with the land acquisition bill of 2015?
Land Acquisition bill 2022. Till 2022 India followed 1894 land bill act which allowed the government totake owner land for country’s growth. In 2022 UPA government brought an amendment and passed a bill regarding thesame. According to that bill from 1 January 2022 1894 land act bill wasscraped. Land acquisition bill 2022 came into existence. Now BJP led government brought a new land bill. It includes many amendmentsto NDA 2022 bill. I have made some comparison between the 2 bills. Read point no.1 from UPA and then 1 from NDA UPA January 2022. 1.Necessary to start work within 5 years 2.If work is not started land will be returned to owner 3. Approval of 80 of land owners is must and if the project is owned fully by government 70 people should agree 4. Owner can go to court against the acquisition 5. Government can’t take cultivable land 6.For individual land approval of landlord is must NDA December 2022 January 2022. 1. Work can be started after 5 years also since main focus was on nuclear plants housing construction and railway which takes more than 5 years 2. No such provision. . 3.Only 51 approval is needed since even in parliament only majority vote isneeded 4. No he can’t. Instead 4 times compensation according to market price will be offered. 5. Now even cultivable land can be taken 6. If government wants it can take the land without approval .7 If owner doesn’t take the compensation it will go to government treasury. 14.20 crore hectare lands is used for farming. 6.70 Crore hectare is covered by forest. 5.50 Crore hectare is unused cultivable land. 4 crore hectare lands is non cultivable. 17 lakh acre lands belong to defense ministry and 4.32 hectare belongs toIndian railways. 18.65 lakh crore projects are stuck in the halfway because the bill is notpassed. China follows land acquisition law 1999 which allows it to take any landwithout approval from owner. About 49 of Indian population is involved in agriculture and in returnagriculture leads to only 13.7 of India’s total GDP. If we want to move on the path of development and we want foreign investorsthis bill need to be passed. ONE important thing that we need to understand is that as per this billfarmers land are a part of proposal. Its nothing like only farmers land willbe taken. For a better idea listen Modi jis Maan ki baat with kisan
Why is Narendra Modi diluting the Land Acquisition Bill of 2013?
There is a lot of opposition to it the way it was drafted. Not only fromoutside the NDA but also from the BJP and RSSs farmer organizations.Rather than talking and convincing the PM took the high handed route ofgetting it as an ordinance. Not once but a record three times in a rowbefore the President told him no more.The obstinacy did not go away. The govt decided to pass on the responsibilityto the states to devise their own laws since land is a concurrent subject.Most states passed the buck back to the Center. And there it hangs. To haveany chance of getting the Bill passed he will have to dilute many of theprovisions.The kick around of this Bill is one more example of the complete incompetenceof the present govt in handling Parl Affairs. The cabinet minister in chargeis a miserable choice for the job. He is a pettyminded quarrelsome personwho always tries to be oneup on the other and ends up making a mess of hisjob.
How will the new land bill identify the dependents of a piece of land withoutconducting the social impact assessment?
I am not sure about assumptions of Answer seekers but the fact is this thatnew land bill has no intention to identify the dependents. It is a clericalexercise in which owner of the land will be considered only dependent and asour ruling politicians keep claiming including PM if farmer is lucky hewill get 4 times govt price and he has to let go of land which would haveserved his family for ages from himself to his children to their children. Even when there is SIA job is limited to satisfaction of a few corruptconsultants who will design paper tricks and prepare a report wherein minimumSIA will be shown despite the case being different. A lot of World Bank IFCADB projects are already being fooled in same manner.
With huge resistance from the congress, how will BJP manage the passage ofland acquisition bill in both houses?
YES BJP CAN DO IT..... Even with oppostion from congress party LAND ACQUISITION BILL can get throughin following 2 ways 1WITHOUT JOINT SESSIONConsidering NDAs majority in LS it will easily sailthrough the upper house but in RS it will face some stiff resistance..consider numbers of oppostion parties in RS CONG65 SP15 TMC11 JDU12 CPM9 NCP6 DMK4 and some smaller parties have around 7 seats..Also there are 12 nominatedmembers which owe their nomination to UPA so unlikely to support NDA SO the opposition stiches to about 125 members...now we can have a look atNDAs situation BJP 46 SHS 3 SAD 3 RPI A 1 Nagaland Peoples Front 1 TDP 6 IND 1 NDA TOTAL SEATS 60 So unless BJP plays some extraordinary politics in breaking SPTMC NCP theycannot get through which not likely since all these parties have a rural voterbase so they dont want to appear antifarmer...also the AIADMK will be keywith their 11 member but until now they havent opened up their cards. 2WITH JOINT SESSIONSome of BJP leaders are hinting towards joint session butthe only reason they havent called it till now is because they really not sureabout their allies which hold key in JOINT SESSION ...consider some scenarios IN CASE OF A JOINT SESSION TOTAL STRENGTH LSRS 542 241 783 HALFWAY MARK 392 SCENARIO 1 NDA TOTAL STRENGTH 335 60 395 LAND BILL WILL GET THROUGH SCENARIO 2 IF PDP AND AIADMK SUPPORTS NDA TOTAL STRENGTH 335 73 408 LAND BILL WILL GET THROUGH SCENARIO 3 IF SHIVSENA SAD SWP OPPOSES THE BILL NDA TOTAL STRENGTH 312 LS 67 RS 379 LAND BILL WILL NOT GET THROUGH The Shivsena is already unhappy with ministerial portfolios it got inMAHARASHTRA state government also SAD is not pleased with BJP leaders stanceon Drug Menance as well considering PUNJAB state which have large farmerpopulation it is really in some confusion and the SWP walking out withopposition have made BJP rethink their stratergy So actually not the congress party but the regional parties or to some extenteven its allies are stopping BJP from passing LAND ACQUISITION BILL.
Does the lapse of land acquisition bill means "make in india" formanufacturing sector will never be a major success?
Make in India is a jumla just like other fake promises or photo op eventshas been done by Narendra Modi. There are enough land available for industries which is vacant from yearssince corporate or industrialists had acquired those land but could not use itand returned back to govt. or still having possession. Only for few industries land acquisition is required that is in waiting listdue to environment or social causes effects clearance. UPA led land acquisition bill is perfect enough to make as law but as usualNDA need to make happy its bosses who funded in LS election to make Modi asPM hence bosses need back money with interest so Modi govt. want to providethem land without any terms and conditions to be applied like Modi gave hisbosses land in Gujarat rs.1 when he was CM. It is really ridiculous that Modi govt. dont want to do any work or you cansay that they dont know how to run govt. so simply making engage to people indifferent issues like meat ban swach bharat bullet train ram mandir riotsman ki bat etc. Now one new stunt has come in news that is GST bill and few experts said it isnot good idea to implement GST bill lets see what is the future of this bill.But I hope if GST bill will kill then some other stunts will come inmainstream media to distract Indians from basic issues. Being an Indian I am really worry about our future because economy is in ICUunemployment price rises of foods daily firing at border for OROP stillveteran are protesting FTII student are on hunger strike no freedom ofspeech no freedom to eat food as per our choice etc. list is long so bettersleep for next 3.6 years if by then we will be alive then we will caste votefor other LS election but next time for right PM candidate not for fake one.
What are the pros and cons of land acquisition bill?
If you are looking for a plane answer here it is httpwww.civilserviceindia.com... Although in my opinion both are insufficient. You cant fulfill the place ofland in a farmers life by paying him a bunch of money. Instead government should speed up research in aeroponics and hydroponics andprovide work for them in these fields. although it will need huge investmentbut as they have passion for growing food visit a village and many still haveit it will boost up food production plus land acquisition will be lessharmful
Why is the land acquisition bill of India being brought by the government in2015? Is it unjust towards the farmers? If so, why?
The right to fair compensation and transparency in land acquisitionrehabilitation and resettlement act 2022 had inbuilt protection in favor ofland owners by way of 1. Mandating 70 consent for PPP and 80 for private acquisitions 2. Social impact assessment SIA was mandated to evaluate the public purposeto be served by the project 3.There was limit on acquisition of irrigated land to be set by stategovernment 4.Aggrieved parties could approach courts in case public authority is inbreach of any of the provisions of the act 5. Minimum compensation is fixed at twice the market value in urban areas and4 times the market value in rural areas 6. Where the purpose for which the land is acquired is not fulfilled in 5years the land needs to be returned to the original owner Now the amendments proposed by the government create 5 categories of projectswhere the provision of consent of land owners and SIA would not be applicable.These categories are very broad eg. public infrastructure industrialcorridors etc and any acquisition could be read under them. Thus there is anargument that the very soul of 2022 act is being killed. It does away with the5 year limit for project implementation and further it mandates that courtscan take no cognizance of breach of provisions of the act by publicauthorities unless permission is granted by the head of the department ofconcerned authority. The government argues that the compensation is leftuntouched but still it raises the following questions 1. Where no SIA is done how is it possible to evaluate if the project meetsthe criteria of public purpose In many cases the intended benefits could beless than the cost incurred by the society in terms of pollution livelihoodloss and loss of social capital 2. The argument of compensation being left untouched holds no water as itsminimum compensation and where the power to block is in the hands oflandholders that could have negotiated for even better price. Now land can beliterally grabbed from them. 3. If the compensation being provided is really sufficient then it isdifficult to understand why it would be difficult to get the consent from thefarmers. 4. No protection to irrigated land creates threat for our food security One can understand the concern of the government for industrial growth butbetter strategy would have been 1. Set up land use authority that keeps data bank on total land and its usein various parts of the country. Based on this coherent land use policy to beframed As promised in election manifesto of BJP 2. Then follow the following order to improve efficiency of land use Use up unused government land first Second should be land banks created by the corporates themselves Third priority should be large land owners say those holding 100 acres In last resort they should look at small farmers that too in order of leastfertile lands to fertile lands.
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